Call of the Wild Episode 250 is the 99th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode contained twenty-four tracks, including five Monstercat exclusives, five COTW mashups, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour, 1 minute and 29 seconds (1:01:29).

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1. 00:00:42Where Do We GoMazare & RUNN
2. 00:05:10In TouchMurdockfeat. Veela
3. 00:07:45SmogDroptek & Vorso
4. 00:09:36OverdoseBossfightfeat. Philip StrandUncaged Spotlight
5. 00:13:20Lyra x DownheartedRocketmanfeat. Jonny RoseCOTW Mashup
6. 00:17:20TriggerKUUROMonstercat Exclusive
7. 00:19:20HigherModestep
8. 00:21:02Let The Beat Quake - Poison x QuakeEthaniCOTW Mashup
9. 00:22:19No Fear AnymoreJulian Calorfeat. Ava SilverInstinct Spotlight
10. 00:25:17FaultMYRNE & Grantfeat. McCall
11. 00:27:36We AllNonsens & Ericka Jane
12. 00:30:35Blind SpotsBishu
13. 00:32:01ID (later confirmed to be I Can't)ID (later confirmed to be Tony Romera)Monstercat Exclusive
14. 00:33:49SAIKOUTokyo MachineMonstercat Exclusive
15. 00:35:05BUBBLESTokyo Machine
16. 00:37:38Over The EdgeKayzo & Gammerfeat. AU8UST
17. 00:39:44The JourneyAu5feat. Trove
18. 00:43:05With You x Buzz Lightyear (WRLD Remix)Monst3rfeat. Alby HobbsCOTW Mashup
19. 00:46:08Dreaming of Home - Home (Eminence Remix) x Dream In Color (Ruben de Ronde Remix)DualityCOTW Mashup
20. 00:48:53Voyage On The Windy Seas - Voyage x Rain (Calvertron Remix)DualityCOTW Mashup
21. 00:50:41VoyageRootkitKage RemixMonstercat Exclusive
22. 00:52:13InfiniteHabstraktMonstercat Exclusive
23. 00:54:15MelophonicNotaker
24. 00:57:08WishesGrantfeat. McCall

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