Call of the Wild Episode 239 is the 88th episode of the Call of the Wild series. This episode was hosted by Half an Orange to celebrate their debut EP Mostly We Grow Pt. 1. The episode contained eighteen tracks, including a Monstercat exclusive, a COTW mashup, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour and 1 minute (1:01:00).

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1. 00:00:41Tumbling Downsoupandreas & Inverness
2. 00:03:56Feel ItStonebank
3. 00:08:43MetaphysicalSlippyMonstercat Exclusive
4. 00:12:28AdventuresJulian CalorUncaged Spotlight
5. 00:16:04Flow Me - Flow x Show Me x RareRocketmanCOTW Mashup
6. 00:20:12Eyes Wide OpenBishufeat. Sophie Rose (uncredited)
7. 00:23:09Little Too CloseWRLDfeat. Veronika Redd
8. 00:25:28End of the MoonHalf an Orange
9. 00:29:34Another NightMYRNEfeat. Nevve
10. 00:32:30Old FriendsHalf an Orangefeat. Blonde Maze
11. 00:36:00WatchingSummer Was Funfeat. Colordrive
12. 00:38:42Left BehindHalf an Orange & Inukshuk
13. 00:42:13CloudstepperNigel Good
14. 00:44:55Buzz LightyearHalf an Orange
15. 00:48:34Love Is Killing MeSavoyfeat. Chali 2na
16. 00:52:00Each OtherNotakerfeat. Eric LumiereMonstercat Exclusive
17. 00:53:48In TouchMurdockfeat. VeelaInstinct Spotlight
18. 00:57:00Given UpHalf an Orange

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