Call of the Wild Episode 237 is the 86th episode of the Call of the Wild series. This podcast included a guest mix by Aiobahn to announce his recent release, Motivation with RudeLies, featuring vocals from Kris Kiss. The episode contained nineteen tracks, including ten guest mix tracks, two Monstercat exclusives, a throwback, a COTW mashup, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour, 1 minute and 32 seconds (1:01:32).

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No. Approx. Time:
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Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:42 PLAY Tokyo Machine
2. 00:03:43 Eden Au5 feat. Danyka Nadeau Monstercat Exclusive
3. 00:08:28 Home Laszlo feat. Richard Caddock Monstercat Throwback
4. 00:13:20 Dreams Like You - A Lot Like You x Waking Dreams Beatplant feat. Laura Brehm COTW Mashup
5. 00:17:54 Juliet CloudNone & Matt Van Instinct Spotlight
6. 00:21:25 Real Love Rootkit feat. Danyka Nadeau
7. 00:23:14 No Sleep Bossfight Uncaged Spotlight
8. 00:26:27 1000 Cuts KUURO & Clockvice
9. 00:29:28 Crank Up The Dank Gammer & Stonebank Monstercat Exclusive
10. 00:30:49 Soft Spoken Puppet Guest Mix
11. 00:35:16 Synchronize Hellberg feat. Aaron Richards Guest Mix
12. 00:37:40 Paradigm Bad Computer feat. Karra Guest Mix
13. 00:40:03 Motivation Aiobahn & RudeLies feat. Kris Kiss Guest Mix
14. 00:43:07 In Your Arms Aiobahn feat. Ralph Larenzo Guest Mix
15. 00:46:13 If We Never Aiobahn & Vin Guest Mix
16. 00:48:45 About U Aiobahn & Vin Guest Mix
17. 00:51:35 Swapping Things Topi Guest Mix
18. 00:52:52 Weapon Grant feat. Baum Guest Mix
19. 00:56:00 Pressure Draper feat. Laura Brehm Guest Mix

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  • Aiobahn did not speak during the guest mix, however he spoke in the chat on Twitch during the livestream.

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