Call of The Wild Episode 175 is the 24th episode of the Call of The Wild series. It premiered on October 31st, 2017 and was released on the same day. The episode contains twenty songs, including two Monstercat exclusives and a Monstercat spotlight. The episode is 1 hour and 2 minutes long (1:02:00).

Story[edit | edit source]

Between every other song, the host, Angela Way, apologized for some weird sound bugs in the podcast. Next, she apologized again for another sound bug, but was interrupted by a door slamming somewhere in the studio, which was abnormal because she had said she was the only one in the studio. After hearing a growl nearby, she abandoned the booth, saying "I'm getting out of here!" She later returned to the podcast from outside the office, and was going to re-enter the studio. A few songs later, she informed the viewers she was inside the office. The lights were off and the studio was unnaturally cold. She said she was going to head upstairs and the podcast continued. She returned again, stating that she was outside the recording booth. She said that it was incredibly cold, the lights were off, and that she thought she saw something in the booth. She entered the booth, stating she couldn't see anything, and it was colder than ever. While she was stating these things, there was persistent growling in the background. Finally, the sound of a door opening caught Angela's attention. She panicked, and the growling got more fierce and louder. Her speech and the growling was mixed in with the last song of the track, Freak by Zac Waters. After the song ended, Dan, the podcast director, entered the booth, calling for Angela. He stated, "Angela? You still recording? Angela? You left the mic on." Growling is heard nearby. "Hello? Is someone there? I see you, who is that?" A loud vicious snarl is let out. Dan yells and screams until the unknown creatures gives a lion's roar, and audio sample "that's a bad kitty" is played and ends the episode.

No. Approx. Time:
Artist(s) / Mixer(s):
Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:41 Vicimus Slippy
2. 00:02:22 Haunted Slippy
3. 00:04:40 This Time Kayzo
4. 00:06:50 Cold Hearted Seven Lions & Kill The Noise Monstercat Spotlight
5. 00:09:51 Bring the Madness (Trinergy & Tim Ismag Remix) Excision & Pegboard Nerds feat. Mayor Apeshit Trinergy & Tim Ismag
6. 00:12:32 Bring the Madness Excision & Pegboard Nerds feat. Mayor Apeshit
7. 00:13:45 Breakdown VIP Noisestorm
8. 00:15:02 Endgame Muzzy
9. 00:20:59 Rave Through the Apocalypse Muzzy
10. 00:24:00 Soldier Stonebank
11. 00:24:56 Got To Be Topi
12. 00:28:16 Inject Droptek
13. 00:31:24 Break Away Muzzy feat. Priority One
14. 00:35:50 The Factory Muzzy
15. 00:36:31 Vantablack Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King
16. 00:39:15 Navigator Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King Monstercat Exclusive
17. 00:40:06 Timbale Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King Monstercat Exclusive
18. 00:41:22 SPOOKY Tokyo Machine
19. 00:45:22 The Entity Stonebank
20. 00:56:13 Freak Zac Waters

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the last Call of the Wild posted on Monstercat's YouTube channel.
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