Monstercat: Call of the Wild is a live-streamed radio show that plays and mixes Monstercat songs. A normal episode lasts approximately one hour, but can reach up to three hours (see episode 300). The podcast/show has a number of different segments that occur during episodes:

  • Monstercat Spotlight: a song that had recently been released at the time of the podcast/episode; these are usually songs that have been released after the previous podcast/episode. Today, the spotlight includes both Uncaged and Instinct songs since the launch of these brands.
  • Monstercat Exclusive: a section of a song that would be released in full within a week or so after the podcast/episode.
  • Mystery Track / ID Track: a section of a song without a given title and artist. It is usually released between a few weeks to three months.
  • Monstercat Throwback / Community Pick: a song released on the label at least a couple years before the podcast/episode. These are voted by fans each week on the website
  • Monstercat B2B: a song that was not released on the label, but usually produced by an artist who has appeared on the label. This, however, is not a requirement, as some B2Bs have been from non-Monstercat artists.
  • Takeover: a section, as low as five songs, or an entire podcast/episode where a Monstercat artist will choose the selection of songs, and often provides commentary.
  • EP/LP Takeover / Artist Commentary / Remix Mini Mix: Similar to a takeover, an EP/LP Takeover is simply a full EP/LP mix hosted by an artist that has released the EP/LP around the time of the podcast. A Remix Mini Mix is the same except for a remix album. Episodes titled Artist Commentary have artists commentating on their EP, LP or remix album.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • From the podcast's inception in 2014 to mid-2017 (more specifically episodes 001 - 151), it was named the Monstercat Podcast. The switch to the name Call of the Wild was announced at the end of Episode 151.
  • The podcast had always been uploaded by Monstercat to the YouTube channel, usually on the Thursday after it's premiere. However, the final episode to be uploaded to the YouTube channel was Episode 175, on October 31, 2017.
  • On January 17, 2018, the podcast's day of the week was changed from Tuesdays to Wednesdays due to the re-scheduling of weekly Monstercat releases. Also, the Call of the Wild episode art covers changed to having a blue hue.
  • From episodes 072 to 181, the show was hosted by Angela Way. Dan (Podcast Director) explained where Angela went as he said "...she moved on" after fans started questioning what happened to her.
  • Due to the launch of Monstercat's Uncaged and Instinct brands the show now often plays 2 spotlights a week, 1 for Uncaged and 1 for Instinct.
  • Starting with Call of the Wild 200, the logo for Call of the Wild changed to a signature-triangle art.
  • As of Call of the Wild 260, the artwork for the episodes changed to a blue-toned landscape with shrubs around the border, giving a "wild" feel to the show.
  • The intro of the podcast has changed multiple times, starting with Episode 114 with new songs, introducing artists and fans, and Angela Way introducing the show, Episode 152 when the name of the show changed, and Episode 260 with new songs and Dan Scarcelli being added to help introduce the show.
  • As of Call of the Wild 287, throwbacks were changed to community picks. Most likely this was decided due to the two-part episodes (284 & 285) including "community picks."

B2B tracks featured on the podcast[edit | edit source]

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