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Deploying Hunter Sequence 19. Initiating Announcement Sequence on Emergency Channel VA-7M. Attention: At exactly 2:15 AM, Subjects A-204 and A-206 escaped from holding within the Aeon Corp Humans and Understanding Facility. These subjects appear to be two children—one male, thirteen; one female, nine. These subjects are extremely dangerous; if sighted, please contact your assigned overwatch immediately. Initiating Wake-up Sequence...

– The EP's announcement video[1]

The Mirai Sekai EP is an extended play by Varien and 7 Minutes Dead. It was released via Monstercat on September 1, 2014.


No Track Length Genre(s) Vocalist Notes
1 Mirai Sekai Pt.1: Neo-Seoul 3:36 Synthwave
2 Mirai Sekai Pt.2: Neo-Tokyo 4:16 Synthwave
3 Mirai Sekai Pt.3: Aeon Metropolis 3:51 Synthwave
4 Mirai Sekai Pt.4: 


2:31 Cinematic Danyka Nadeau (uncredited)
5 Mirai Sekai 14:19 Synthwave / Cinematic Continuous Mix


  • Mirai Sekai (未来世界) is Japanese for "Future World".
  • In both the EP's cover art and the video for the continuous mix, the logos of both the artists plus Monstercat can be spotted on the buildings.
    • Varien's logo can be seen on the cylindrical building towards the upper left-hand corner.
    • The 7 Minutes Dead logo is on one of the buildings towards the middle left.
    • A glowing Monstercat can also be seen towards the upper right-hand corner.
  • During an interview, Varien stated that if the EP were to be the soundtrack to any movie or television series, he would create an anime series to fit it just right.[2]
  • This is Varien's first ever EP on Monstercat.
  • There's 3 language written on the cover art
    • Chinese (at skyscraper building),
    • Korean (at store/residential building), and
    • Japanese (the title)
  • The cover art is made by Adam-Varga


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