Mike Darlington is the current CEO of Monstercat and co-founded the Monstercat label with Ari Paunonen. Before creating Monstercat, Darlington had been in many businesses, his first one was a website that bought and sold World of Warcraft accounts, while he earned money off the transactions, however, due to legal issues, it was closed. Despite this, Darlington continued working, whether it be small projects, or partnerships with other businesses. In 2011, Monstercat was born, and as a fledgling label, Darlington believes one of the reasons why Monstercat is so big today is because of the risks they've taken.[1] For Darlington, his first "real job" was being the head of the social media and marketing division and since then, he has always promoted the community aspect of the company, and Monstercat a Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter account, as well as its own subreddit—one of the most active ones when it comes to labels.[2] Fast forward to present day, he sees Monstercat as far from finished, stating that "everything has room for a lot of improvement."[3]



  • His favorite song, as of 2016, is Inertia by Draper.[4]
  • His favorite genre, as of 2011, is Future Bass.[4]
  • As of 2018,[6] his favorite artists he would love to join Monstercat are Knife Party and Madeon.
  • He has a degree in Biology.[1]
  • If he could choose 5 people to be on his zombie killing team, they would be Pegboard Nerds, 12th Planet, Stephen Walking, and Carl Cox.[2]


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