T43 1nkn0wn

aka alex paul

  • I live in philidelphia
  • My occupation is student/dubstep producer/youtuber/coaster enthusiast
  • I am male
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  • Please learn how to use the editor. Everything you editing is a trash.

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  • Hello again, Just want to update you on your edits. I’m still seeing you’re not changing the names of the images you add before putting them on the pages. It’s a headache for us when we have to find the image and it’s just a bunch of letters and numbers, so I ask again to please change the image names before you upload them (again please read the naming policy). I also notice you don’t use capitalization on genres, some names of songs and artists, etc. Please use the correct capitalization so that pages look professional to others (Electro House, Nitro Fun, etc.) Finally, I see that you have not utilized the links feature on many items such as genres, albums, songs and artists. When you’re editing, highlight the words you want linked, then click the chain icon at the top. Click in the type box and make sure a blue name pops up below, this meaning the page exists and you can create the link. You can also search for a different name if what you typed in does not exist (it would show up red underneath) and it will not alter what you originally typed (Electro House would link to the page Electro) then you Create it. It’s pretty simple but it’s highly important! Thank you in advance for understanding, I’d like to see these improvements from you while editing. Again, if you have questions, join our Discord and we’ll talk about it!

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  • The Enigma page was already made by Volcanron So that is why it got deleted

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    Hello there, T43 1nkn0wn! Welcome to the Monstercat Wiki! Thank you for your edit to the Always In A Nightmare page and for joining our Family.

    Don't know where to start or what to do? Here are some helpful links and tips:

    • Special:Allpages contains a list of every page we have so far on the wiki.
    • Chat and forums are both great places to interact with other community members.
    • Lastly, please refer to our policies for site guidelines, if you haven't already done so.

    Feel free to contact an admin if you have any more questions, and happy editing!

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    • Hello T43 1nkn0wn, I’d like to discuss some of the edits you have recently done. First off your edits for Always In A Nightmare and some of Es Isso are helpful and good. However your edits mentioning artists’ personal information has been either incorrect (specifically Habstrakt & Asdek) or too revealing (anonymous artists such as Tokyo Machine and Marshmello). While we do like to find out who anonymous artists are, we like to keep this information to ourselves and not posted on the Wiki. Volcanron (one of our Administrators by the way) has taken into account anonymous artists’ privacy, especially when an artist has not revealed themselves 100%, and has done what we expect on the Wiki. I would expect the same from you and all editors on this site. Further instigation of revealing anonymous artists’ privacy can result in banning your server from the site, so please take into consideration that they are people too, and if they want to stay anonymous we should respect that. If you have any further questions, please join our Discord and message us. Thank you once again for editing, The Shadow

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    • ok i understand i didnt know that they felt that way i am sorry

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    • This reply has been removed
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