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  • Hey, I've noticed that you've attempted to convert several templates (including non-infoboxes) to the new portable infoboxes. For the future, please don't so this again, as: 1, it loses it's CSS styling completely, and 2, while Wikia has been pushing for portable infoboxes to be used around the wikis, it is barely any different anyways. The administration team (KC and Z) may consider using portable infoboxes in the future, but at the moment I believe their opinion is staying with the old infoboxes.

    Second thing is:

    They are NOT infoboxes, so they do not need to be converted, or even considered if converting, so please refrain from converting non-infobox templates.

    Other than that, happy editing. :)

    (And yeah, I'm not admin or anything, but I work pretty closely with them (KC and Z))

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    Hello there, Gedge10! Welcome to the Monstercat Wiki! Thank you for your edit to the Monstercat 013 - Awakening page and for joining our Family.

    Don't know where to start or what to do? Here are some helpful links and tips:

    • Special:Allpages contains a list of every page we have so far on the wiki.
    • Chat and forums are both great places to interact with other community members.
    • Lastly, please refer to our policies for site guidelines, if you haven't already done so.

    Feel free to contact an admin if you have any more questions, and happy editing!

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