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File:Mr FijiWiji & Meron Ryan - Believe Her. Meron Ryan) -Monstercat Release-File:Mr FijiWiji - Cynical (feat. CoMa).jpgFile:Mr FijiWiji - Dogma EP.jpg
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File:Muzzy - Crescendo. MYLK) -Monstercat Release-File:Muzzy - Crescendo.jpgFile:Muzzy - Endgame.jpg
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File:PIXL - Here For You (feat. Q'AILA).jpgFile:PIXL - Rat Twist.jpgFile:PIXL - Sadbot.jpg
File:PIXL - Sugar Rush EP.jpgFile:PIXL - The Escape.jpgFile:PIXL - This Time.jpg
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File:PYLOT - CaineFile:PYLOT - ClovaFile:PYLOT - Data
File:PYLOT - Flashbacks.jpgFile:PYLOT - LockeFile:PYLOT - Shadowtask -Monstercat EP Release-
File:PYLOT - Shadowtask EP.jpgFile:PYLOT - The Place I Once Knew.jpgFile:PYLOT logo.png
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File:Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz - All Alone.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds & MIU - Weaponize.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds & MisterWives - Coffins.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (feat. Krewella).jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder - Move That Body.pngFile:Pegboard Nerds & Snails - Deep In The Night.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds & Spyker - Extraordinary (feat. Elizaveta).pngFile:Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine - Moshi.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds - BAMF.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - Badboi.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin (The Remixes).jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - Blackout.pngFile:Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected VIP. Desirée Dawson) -Monstercat FREE Release-File:Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected VIP (feat. Desiree Dawson).pngFile:Pegboard Nerds - Downhearted (feat. Jonny Rose).png
File:Pegboard Nerds - Emergency.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - EmergencyALT.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - Emoji.jpg
File:Pegboard Nerds - Emoji VIP.jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - End Is Near (Fire in the Hole VIP).jpgFile:Pegboard Nerds - FrainBreeze.jpg
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