The Life in Japan EP is a Japan re-release of Puppet's Life Overseas and Fear Is Fleeting EPs for Japanese audiences. It features 7 original tracks + a Future Bounce (Future House) remix of Chin Up from Korean producer Aiobahn.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No Track Length Genre(s) Collaborator Vocalist Remixer
1 Dynamo 4:00 Pop Punk
2 Chin Up 3:21 Pop Punk | Electronic Rock Azuria Sky
3 Bigger Picture 3:14 Pop Punk | Synthpop Foria
4 Killing Giants 4:02 Melodic Drumstep / Synthpop Murtagh Richard Caddock
5 I'm Here 3:21 Melodic Drumstep / Synthpop Foria Richard Caddock (uncredited)
6 To Be Alive 4:33 Electropop | Pop Punk Aaron Richards
7 Listen to the Storm 4:24 Ambient / Electronic Rock
8 Chin Up 2:39 Future House Azuria Sky Aiobahn

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first EP to feature songs from two different EPs (which include Fear Is Fleeting EP and Life Overseas EP both by Puppet).
  • This is the first EP to have a new catalog number: MCJ (Monstercat Japan).
  • The art for the Life In Japan EP is a Life Overseas EP art reuse; but now it shows a red circle on a white background, which represents Japan's flag.

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February 4, 2015 Answers
March 30, 2015 The Fire
December 9, 2015 Boy and the Beast
January 6, 2016 Enough Is Enough
January 23, 2016 Soft Spoken
January 29, 2016 VagabondVagrantWithout Me
June 20, 2016 I'm Here
September 29, 2016 Listen to the Storm
October 12, 2016 To Be Alive
November 4, 2016 Killing Giants
November 30, 2016 Just YouPlay Pretend
November 1, 2017 Bigger Picture
November 15, 2017 Dynamo
December 11, 2017 Chin UpFirst Time Fighting
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August 24, 2018 Life In Japan EP
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