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Let Me Hold You is a song by Blood Groove & Kikis and Brandon Mignacca, released on April 6, 2022 under the Silk brand and featured on their Let Me Hold You EP. It is the debut appearance of Blood Groove & Kikis after the Silk acquisition.


Let Me Hold You Lyrics
I started to pull too much on
My final thread, my final thread
To think you were always there
My greatest friend, I was stuck in my head
Yeah I know that I was a fool
Now I know it was always you
Let me hold you
I promise that I won’t let go
The world will know
I’m with you
Let me hold you
No matter where the evening goes
The world will know oh-oh
I’m with you
Let me hold
Let me hold you
Let me hold you
Oh let me hold you
Let me hold you
Oh let me hold you
I promise that I won’t let go
The world will know oh-oh
I’m with you
Let me hold you
No matter where the evening goes
The world will know
I’m with you
I'm with you
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