Josh Bogert is an artist who debuted on Monstercat by collaborating with Half an Orange and Disero on their track Sit Like A Flamingo, released on April 28, 2020.


His passion for art, strong work ethic, and versatility have taken him across Canada and the United States, performing in venues such as Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre, and the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Josh’s music training started at the young age of four, with classical violin, and quickly expanded to a love of singing, as well as mastering many instruments including guitar, drums, piano, and saxophone. Now as a producer, vocalist and sound engineer, Josh still finds inspiration from all types of music, ranging from classical to jazz to dubstep, when creating his unique sound.




Monstercat uploads

  1. Sit Like A Flamingo (with Disero & Half an Orange)
    • April 28, 2020


Collaborated with

[ vte ] Josh Bogert (Discography)
April 28, 2020 Sit Like A Flamingo
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