Head of NASA and The 2 Amish Boys is the eleventh album by Psychedelic Trance duo, Infected Mushroom. The album available for preorder on November 8, 2018, and the entire LP was released one month later, on December 12, 2018.

Tracklist Edit

No. Track Length Genre Collaborator Featured Artist(s)
1 BLiSS on Mushrooms 9:31 Progressive Psytrance BLiSS Miyavi
2 Guitarmass 6:38 Full-On Psytrance
3 Head of NASA 7:45 Full-On Psytrance
4 Chenchen Barvaz 7:42 Full-On Psytrance
5 Walking on the Moon 5:36 Progressive Psytrance
6 Here We Go Go Go 5:55 Electro Trance
7 Lost in Space 4:55 New Beat | Breaks / Rap Tuna A-Wa

Trivia Edit

  • The meaning of the album title was explained by Infected Mushroom on album release. It can be found at the beginning of this video, which also breaks down the album track by track.
  • Initially, the album cover was going to use a template that was more like the single and EP templates from 2016 onward (See alternate image). But after some complaints, they reverted back to the original template.

[ vte ] Head of NASA and The 2 Amish Boys (Infected Mushroom)
[ vte ] Infected Mushroom (Discography)
November 24, 2017 Spitfire
August 30, 2018 Walking on the Moon
November 8, 2018 BLiSS on Mushrooms
December 10, 2018 Guitarmass
December 11, 2018 Lost in Space
December 12, 2018 Chenchen BarvazHead of NASAHere We Go Go Go
July 4, 2019 Kababies
January 20, 2020 Ani Mevushal
February 3, 2020 Freedom Bill
March 16, 2020 Only Solutions
March 23, 2020 Infected MegamixMore Of Just The SameNo Line in MIDISplicon
Long Plays
December 12, 2018 Head of NASA and The 2 Amish Boys
March 23, 2020 More Than Just a Name
[ vte ] VIPs, Mixes, & Other
March 23, 2020 Symphonatic (Infected Mushroom & Astrix Remix)
[ vte ] Long Plays
Conro Level Days
Fractal Gaia
Grabbitz Better With Time
Haywyre Two Fold Pt. 1Two Fold Pt. 2
Infected Mushroom Head of NASA and The 2 Amish BoysMore Of Just The Same
Karma Fields New Age / Dark Age
Kill Paris Galaxies Within Us
Koven Butterfly Effect
Laszlo Liftoff
MUZZ The Promised Land
Nigel Good Space Cadet
RIOT Dogma Resistance
ShockOne A Dark Machine
Tut Tut Child Come to the End; Then Stop
Varien The Ancient & Arcane
Xilent we_are_dust
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