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Hardstyle is a genre of Electronic music which typically consists of a bass-driven heavy kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a dissonant synth melody, and detuned and distorted sounds.

It is one of two genres placed under Monstercat's blanket term, Hard Dance, alongside Hardcore.

Commonly Referenced Subgenres[]

  • Dubstyle: Tends to have reversed wobble basslines and take the kick styling of hardstyle tracks, while combining them with the rhythm, groove, and dubstep tempo, usually a 2-step or a break-step rhythm.

    Headhunterz & Brennan Heart - The MF Point Of Perfection (Original Dubstyle Mix)

  • Euphoric Hardstyle: Characterized by highly emotional melodies, nostalgic and heartfelt vocals, and heavy pitch-shifting within its kicks. Euphoric Hardstyle is examined the most "commercial-friendly" subgenre of Hardstyle.

    Adrenalize ft. ADN - GET UP

  • Hardstyle: Consists of an overdriven and hard-sounding kick drum with a lot of sustain, with intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat. Hardstyle also utilizes harsh and distorted synths, detuned and distorted sounds accompanying the main kicks and melodies.

    LNY TNZ - We Go Up (Da Tweekaz Remix)

  • Nu-Style: The name for the type of Hardstyle made between 2005-2010. Often times mislabeled as "Jumpstyle" due to the dance style known by the name and being performed to Nu-Style incredibly often.

    Zatox - Tanz Electric

  • Psystyle: A combination of Hardstyle and Psytrance, designated by its hybridized usage of Psytrance triplets with a Hardstyle kick drum. Artists such as Sub Zero Project are known for starting the movement of Psystyle.

    D-Block & S-te-Fan - Gave U My Love

  • Rawphoric (Euphoric Rawstyle): A combination of harsher kicks from Rawstyle combined with melodies and climaxes seen in Euphoric Hardstyle.

    San Holo - I Still See Your Face (Atmozfears Remix) -Free Release-

  • Rawstyle: A type of Hardstyle inspired by hardcore or older hardstyle resulting in darker melodies, screeches, and deeper-sounding kick drums. Distortion is oftentimes used to give songs a dark and abrasive vibe.

    Act of Rage & D-Sturb - Let The Games Begin (Official Videoclip)

  • Reverse Bass: A form of Hardstyle production that reverses the sound design of a typical Hardstyle kick and bassline, but uses the same structuring as regular Hardstyle. Often used in Mid-Intros within Hardstyle songs as a precursor to the more melodic climax later in the song.

    Kayzo - This Time

  • X-TRA RAW: Massive gated kicks and deadly screeches create an even more abrasive version of Rawstyle. Dark and often times vulgar samples are used to create dark and evil atmospheres.

    Delete - Mutants (Malice & Rooler Remix)

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