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Hard Dance is a blanket term used to describe the genres & subgenres of Hardcore & Hardstyle.

For more information, as well as examples, of these two genres, please see the brand new dedicated pages for Hardcore and Hardstyle![]

General Information[]

Hardcore mixes influences from Eurodance, Hard House, & Hard Trance. Hardcore incorporates strong synths, percussion and echo effects from Eurodance, and generally uses more euphoric melodies, as well as less harsh-sounding kick drums. Hardcore is distinct and separate from Hardstyle or Reverse bass which typically consists of a bass-driven heavy kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a dissonant synth melody, and detuned and distorted sounds.

The color associated with the genre before genre colors were phased out was: Lime (Hex: #019700) (RGB: 1, 151, 0)

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