Guide Me Home (Teqq Remix) is Teqq's remix of Hellberg's original track, Guide Me Home feat. Charlotte Haining. It was released on April 15, 2013 as part of Free Remix Week.

[ vte ] Teqq (Discography)
December 14, 2012 In A Box
March 18, 2013 The Road Ahead
July 26, 2013 Lock In Your Love
October 9, 2013 Air
April 15, 2013 Guide Me Home
[ vte ] Charlotte Haining (Discography)
December 7, 2012 Come & Go
March 25, 2013 Guide Me Home
July 26, 2013 Lock In Your Love
September 11, 2013 Feel Alive
October 23, 2013 Serenity
August 25, 2014 Dream Catcher
August 5, 2015 Hypnotique
August 12, 2015 Drift Away
April 17, 2017 Outsiders
Vocals (Remixes)
April 15, 2013 Guide Me Home (Teqq Remix)
October 4, 2013 Feel Alive (Direct Remix)
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Galactic TrumpetGet On UpGet UpGhostThe Girl (Anevo Remix)Give Me That FireGlideGood 2 GoGuardiansGuide Me HomeGuide Me Home (Teqq Remix)
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