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Glow (Masanori Yasuda Remix) is a remix by Masanori Yasuda of original track by Shingo Nakamura, Glow. It was released on August 23, 2021 and featured on Shingo's Glow (The Remixes Pt. 2).

[ vte ] Shingo Nakamura (Discography)
February 10, 2021 Glow
March 26, 2021 Phenomena
May 7, 2021 Tribute, Chapter III
June 11, 2021 Before You GoCommenceDarling MidnightOvertSummaSupraThe Longest HourWhite Room
July 1, 2021 Uncharted Waters
Extended Plays
July 30, 2021 Glow (The Remixes)
August 23, 2021 Glow (The Remixes Pt. 2)
Long Plays
June 11, 2021 Glow LP
[ vte ] Masanori Yasuda (Discography)
August 23, 2021 Glow
[ vte ] Remixes
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[ vte ] Alphabetical List of Breaks Songs (Genre)
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