Glitch Hop is a subgenre of Glitch music, heavily fusing elements of Hip Hop. This subgenre may feature glitches, chopping, cutting, and funk-inspired hip-hop beats. Since its creation, Glitch Hop has slowly shed its more Hip Hop elements while being heavily influenced by Dubstep and Drum & Bass. 110 BPM is not a genre per se, taking the role of, to some extent, an umbrella term. This provides a somewhat common tempo for songs in this subgenre. As with Indie Dance and Nu Disco, when Monstercat releases a song in this subgenre it can be though of as Glitch Hop and / or 110 BPM. In later Glitch Hop tracks, Monstercat doesn't use the 110 BPM next to Glitch Hop.


  • Neurohop - this subgenre is heavily influenced by neurofunk, incorporating elements such as the illustrious Reese bass, filtered, distorted, oscilating and pitch-bent basses, sharp-transient, snappy and heavy-hitting drums, while employing dark, cold atmospheres, inspiring sentiments of precision, consistency and sometimes approaching even sci-fi themes. Examples of tracks containing neurohop, on Monstercat, are "No Turning Back" (by Protostar) - in the second drop, "Echoes Of The Past" (by Protostar) , "Genesis" (by.. Protostar), "Scorpion Pit" (not to be confused with the VIP - by Protostar), "The Vale" (by Trivecta, featuring Miyoki), "Aether and Light" (by Varien). Among artists outside Monstercat, which produce Neurohop, there are Copycatt, Frequent, Cuplrate, Vorso and KOAN Sound.

The Monstercat color associated with this subgenre is green.

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