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Gaia is a compilation of many different sides of myself, but they all originate from somewhere in nature. Each song was produced in a different country on my world travels, inspired by that country's nature. I felt like I was channeling the energy from the earth and all of its different dimensions into one LP, and in some sense, I was.

– Fractal to Music Times[1]

Gaia is Fractal's debut long play. It was released via Monstercat on October 7, 2015.


No Track Length Genre Vocalist
1 Amor 5:35 Melodic Dubstep / Brostep Syrin
2 Collide 4:25 Melodic Dubstep / Brostep Danyka Nadeau
3 Omni 4:44 Complextro / Breaks / Brostep
4 Fire Away 5:41 Future House / Breaks / Brostep Danyka Nadeau
5 Escape 3:46 Glitch Hop
6 Voyage 4:20 Liquid Drum & Bass / Liquid Drumstep
7 Sanctum 6:13 Glitch Hop / Ambient Breaks Amiya Inspiration
8 Skyline 5:23 Post-Rock
9 Wind Mantras 4:13 Ambient


  • The tracks Amor and Fire Away are featured on Monstercat 024 - Vanguard.
  • Gaia is the Greek goddess which personifies the Earth itself.
    • The word "Gaia" is a compound of two elements: "Ge" meaning the Earth and "Aia" meaning Grandmother — often Gaia is referred to as the Mother of Earth.


  1. Middleton, Ryan (October 12, 2015). "Fractal Releases New Album 'Gaia' On Monstercat". Music Times. Retrieved June 7, 2016.

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