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Future Bass is genre of electronic music developed in the early 2010s. It is described as having a focus on a hard bassline with wide, detuned chords, mostly including sawtooth waves and square waves. The sound waves are often modulated using automation or low-frequency oscillation controlling the cutoff of the volume or an audio filter (typically a low- or high-pass filter) to make the waveform sound louder or quieter. In addition, it is common to find the utilization of a somewhat "twinkly-sounding" gradual rise in pitch during "risers" (pre-drop buildups), arpeggio chords, vocal chops and vocoders as sound design tools. The genre is mostly written between 130 and 170 BPM.

The Future Bass genre stems from Trap, Wonky and Jersey Club, being a fusion of said genres. It is related to the post-dubstep movement in the United Kingdom. It is comparable to Chiptune and Glitch Hop.[1]

While Future Bass can, at times, sound somewhat similar to Melodic Dubstep (as both of them can be understood as melodic subgenres of other movements within Bass Music, aka Melodic Bass), there are still some notable distinctions between the sound design both genres.

  1. Despite both genres being commonly written in halftime (with a single snare on the 3rd), Future Bass uses mostly Trap/Hip-Hop drums, with a punchier transient on the kick, a snare with a weaker (althought not necessarily shorter) tail, as well as tight, fast-paced hats in some occasions. Melodic Dubstep, meanwhile, has wider, fatter drums, with the typical dubstep snare that can, at times, be layered with the kick. Unlike most Dubstep subgenres, however, it tends to feature more syncopation than usual, meaning that most differences in the drums between those subgenres will come from distinct sound design preferences.
  2. While the drops in Future Bass sounds are mainly focused on the chords, with a lush and smoother sound design, Melodic Dubstep mixes tend to be a bit more bass-heavy, with the more upfront bassline taking some space from the detuned chords in the mix, hence why it tends to sound more gritty. Melodic Dubstep also can feature some switch-ups in its rhythm, using more traditional Dubstep sounds, such as growls, during the drop.
  3. Future Bass tends to feature way more automation/volume ducking as a way to create movement in its sound. If a song has very agressive/clear sidechaining or synths that constantly oscilate in volume, then it is most likely a Future Bass track.

Despite these distinctions, there are still some songs which blur the lines between both subgenres. This is why the umbrella term "Melodic Bass" can be useful in describing this kind of music.

The color associated with the genre before genre colors were phased out was: Periwinkle (Hex: #9A98FC) (RGB: 154, 152, 252)


  • Slander & Au5 - Anywhere
  • Virtual Riot - Still kids
  • Vluarr - Paradise
  • Slander - Superhuman
  • Tritonal & Dylan Matthew & Au5 - Happy Where We Are
  • Dntless - For You
  • INZO - Angst
  • Satica - You Are Here (Red Cat Remix)
  • The Night - Set Me Free
  • Ocular - 4AM
  • Oblvyn - Fly
  • Grant - Wake Up
  • Cozy Kev - Lightspeed
  • Miruku - Friends Without Faces
  • Geoxor - Vanilla
  • Kirara Magic & Yirokos - Chrono

Commonly Referenced Subgenres:[]

  • Kawaii Bass: subgenre known for its happy and cute timbre, with strong Japanese pop culture influences. Often features chiptune sounds, soft square waves, anime samples and chops, diverse percussive instruments, and samples from everyday objects, such as door and bed squeaks.
  • Mikha & Kyoto Black - Kodokushi
  • Quok - Atariwave
  • Dark Cat - Bubble Tea
  • Snail's House - Ma Chouchoute
  • Miruku - You

  • Future Trap: A fusion between Future Bass and Trap, being a middle ground between both genres, but not entirely one or the other, blending them in different and unique ways.
  • Nonsens & Snavs - Golden
  • Naderi - Blink & You Will Cry
  • Geoxor - Ephemeral
  • Lookas & Able Heart - On My Own (Bishu Remix)
  • Snavs & WiDE AWAKE - Turn Left
  • Skyler Madison - Chasing Stars

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