Future bass, a subgenre of electronic music, is described as having a focus on a hard bassline with detuned synthesizers mostly including sawtooth waves and square waves. The sound waves are often modulated using automation or low-frequency oscillation controlling the cutoff of an audio filter (typically a low- or high-pass filter) to make the waveform sound louder or quieter. In addition, it is common to find the utilization of a somewhat "twinkly-sounding" gradual rise in pitch during "risers" (pre-drop buildups) using arpeggio chords, vocal chops or vocoders.

The future bass genre stems from trap, Chicago footwork and UK bass. It is related to the post-dubstep movement in the United Kingdom. It is comparable to chiptune and glitch hop.[1]

Before Monstercat dropped the color visualiser, future bass was associated with a light blue color.

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