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Forever Summer is an unreleased track by TwoThirds, which was due out in 2013.  It was eventually released on July 1, 2021 as part of the Monstercat 10 Year Anniversary compilation.

LVTHER (TwoThirds) wrote about this track:

"A few weeks ago, I was at my mum’s place collecting the last of my things that were stashed in the loft of my family home as she prepared to sell the place. I was looking for things to either take to my new house or throw away, and I came across my old PC that all of my TwoThirds tracks were made on. I wiped it and got rid of it and then oddly enough, I was emailed about the 10 Year Anniversary on the same day. Fortunately, when I got my first MacBook I copied 'Forever Summer' over, planning on recreating it in Logic. I never ended up recreating it but I do still have that MacBook so I had access to an MP3 version of the track. I wasn’t able to tweak it mix wise, due to throwing that PC away, but I went back and forth on the master with Monstercat to try and make it sound a little less harsh. If you’re one of the people who saw me DJ in 2013-14, you’ve heard me play the original version. I’m not sure anyone else has heard it. It’s probably the last TwoThirds song that will be put out there. I give you 'Forever Summer.' A little rough around the edges, but I hope the Monstercat OG’s can get something out of it."

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