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Fix It is a song by Grant and RUNN, released on February 12, 2021 and featured on Monstercat Instinct Vol. 7 and Monstercat - Best of 2021. This is their second Monstercat collaboration after Contagious.


  • Grant's backstory to this track:
    • "In the last 2-3 years, I’ve developed anxiety that’s gotten significantly worse over time. I never mentioned it publicly because it never felt appropriate or like the right time. On some level, since everyone has their own issues, what makes mine so special? Mental health is obviously a massive issue, but I never planned to make it a big focus for my artist project. However, this stress is one of the biggest reasons why I rarely post anymore: Simply making music and maintaining my personal life feels hard enough as is. That being said, RUNN and I decided to relay these emotions in our new song “Fix It.” I believe it genuinely captures the feeling of anxious solitude many of us have gone through lately. “Fix It” is my first release of the year, and it comes out Friday on Monstercat."
  • This is the first Instinct Track which the YouTube video shows the new format of the visualizer seen at the bottom-left after Silk joins Monstercat.

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