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Ephixa is an artist that helped start monstercat.

His real name is James Leusink. He is a 24 year old that resides in Canada and produces dubstep, hardstyle, and trance.

His rise to power started in 2009. He currently lives off of his YouTube ad revenue. Making $800 a week he manages to feed the cat everyday at 6am. He also got kicked from Monstercat for unsure reasons but is rumored to be producing again.


Here is some of his work:

Reddit wiki: Ephixa is not a rapper, but a penguin with an AK-47 from Canada named James Leusink who produces music for the internet. His favourite food is bacon, his most prized possession is not his AK-47, but his golden headphones, and his occupation is an internet DJ. He will also punch your eardrums and then afterwards, steal your bike. He, along with Stephen Walking, Halo Nova/Varien, Going Quantum, Neilio, Feint, and Arion, were one of the founding artists on the label. He is also known for his prolonged hiatus on the label since 009 - Reunion, although it was confirmed that he will be returning sometime in 2014. He made his debut on 001 along with the aforementioned artists with the label's first dubstep release, and first release overall, titled "Dubstep Killed Rock 'n' Roll" and since then, has been featured on 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, and 009.


Is friends with kenny cleod!tab=Interview You can see some of Ephixa's "unreleased" music here:

You can see Ephixa here in a Stephen Walking vlog:


He is alive Recorded in 2014:

Newground profile(Epic):



chips989 is not ephixa

Ephixa ain't TeekayTank

Ephixa is Chung:

Lore: [1]

Lol, I found Ephixa:                                

Ephixa is not trolling with monstercat against his own trolling.

In he says 2014 is when he is coming back.


[Dubstep] Dubstep Killed Rock 'n' Roll (the first song released on Monstercat)

[Dubstep] Some Wobbles

[Dubstep] Gareth Emery ft. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary (Ephixa Remix)

[Dubstep] Division

[Hard Dance] Audiocidity

[Drumstep] Going Quantum - Hello (Ephixa Remix)

[Dubstep] Stephen Walking & Ephixa - Substance

[Trance] Trance Chords

[Glitch Hop / 110BPM] Ideekay

[Dubstep] Awesome To The Max

His youtube channel:

Other Ephixa tracks are on his soundcloud:
File:Ephixa vs. TVDS vs. Deadmau5 vs. Showtek - Fuck The System HD (EDM)
File:Turret Error Animated Music Video - Portals and a Penguin
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