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Drumstep is a genre of electronic dance music often considered to be a fusion of Dubstep and Drum & Bass and a subgenre of Drum & Bass with a halftime beat structure and Brostep influences. Songs of this type are around 160 to 180 BPM, typically 170. On Monstercat, songs belonging to this genre are associated with a pink color. As of right now, Drumstep songs are being released shortly, meaning that Drumstep songs are not being released from every album.

Halftime Drum and Bass can be found, generally, under 2 categories: "Halftime" and "Drumstep":

The main distinction between "Halftime" and "Drumstep" , although a fine one, would be that "Halftime" is the terminology used for the more experimental, underground and unconventional style, possessing influences ranging from hip hop all the way towards Neurofunk. Among the several artists who produce/produced halftime are Droptek, KUURO, Culprate, Clockvice, Vorso, Frequent and KOAN Sound.

The color associated with the genre before genre colors were phased out was: Pink (Hex: #F32188) (RGB: 243, 33, 136)

Commonly Referenced Subgenres:[]

  • Melodic Drumstep: as the name would imply, the subgenre heavily places emphasis and relies on melodic structures, such as wide layered chords, to create ample, euphoric atmospheres, "Sync" (from the "Sync" warp mode in Xfer Serum - gradually increasing in pitch then descending, through the use of an LFO) or otherwise styled leads, which can be the driving force of a Melodic Drumstep track and vocal chops, which can be commonly heard; the subgenre can borrow sound design from Brostep. Tracks in this genre can evoke many emotions, featuring a wide variety of styles, such as dramatic and uplifting.
  • Neurostep: originated from the fusion of Neurofunk Drum and Bass and Dubstep; crunchy, distorted reeses (derived directly from Neurofunk), filtered, sine compression basses are often employed; the atmospheres are often cold, robust, mechanical and dark in a different sense from Deathstep, featuring science-fiction influenced soundscapes and very deep sound design; cymbal patterns, which can be hectic, accompany the heavy drums which are occasionally very syncopated; every element closely interacts with each other, reverb and delay are used in a psychedelic manner and granular synthesis can play an important role in this subgenre. What can set Neurostep apart from Halftime could possibly be the amount of syncopation and swing in the drum region, Halftime being more influenced by Hip Hop.
  • Liquid Drumstep: the polar opposite of brostep, a lot more relaxed, calming, in its atmosphere, features liberal use of reverb and reverb fills; the subgenre takes a more minimalistic approach to its structures and places heavy emphasis on a deep sub bass layer, supported by wide, ethereal plucks and ample pads. This subgenre is envisioned as very atmospheric. Cinematic pulsing rhythms can be supported by orchestral, choral, vocal and acoustic layers to create a vast, euphoric soundscape. Filtered reese-styled basses can also be, occasionally, heard.
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