Drumstep is a genre of electronic dance music often considered to be a fusion of Dubstep and Drum & Bass and a subgenre of Drum & Bass with a halftime, 2 step, beat structure, with Brostep influences. On Monstercat, songs belonging to this genre are associated with a pink color. As of right now, Drumstep songs are being released shortly, meaning that Drumstep songs are not being released from every album.

Halftime Drum and Bass can be found, generally, under 2 categories: "Halftime" and "Drumstep":

The main distinction between "Halftime" and "Drumstep" , although a fine one, would be that "Halftime" is the terminology used for the more experimental, underground and unconventional style, possessing influences ranging from hip hop all the way towards Neurofunk. Among the several artists who produce/produced halftime are Droptek, KUURO, Culprate, Clockvice, Vorso, Frequent and KOAN Sound.

Commonly Referenced Subgenres: Edit

  • Melodic Drumstep: Drumstep that is more melodic than grimy
  • Neurostep:
  • Liquid Drumstep:
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