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  • This was the winner of the Deeper Love remix contest.

[ vte ] Xan Griffin (Discography)
February 3, 2016 Deeper Love
[ vte ] Alphabetical List of Drumstep Songs (Genre)
Daggers (SLUMBERJACK & ËMMË VIP)Decoy WorldDeeper Love (Xan Griffin Remix)DichotomyDo ItDo YouDojiDragon PiratesDreaming of YouDreamsDrop BombsDuality
Numbers & Symbols
20K1000 Cuts

[ vte ] Remixes
Instructions To find a remix, find the artist's name under the alphabetized list. All of the artist's remixes are listed with their name. For example, Morgan Pages's remix of 'Downhearted' would be under the 'M' tab, since the artist's name begins with the letter 'M'.
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