Chill-out music (sometimes also chilloutchill out or simply chill) is a genre of electronic music and an umbrella term for several styles of electronic music characterized by their mellow style and mid-tempo beats—"chill" being derived from a slang injunction to "relax".

Chill-out music emerged in the early and mid-1990s in "chill rooms" at dance clubs, where relaxing music was played to allow dancers a chance to "chill out" from the more emphatic and fast-tempo music played on the main dance floor.

The genres associated with chill-out are mostly ambient, trip hop, nu jazz, ambient house and other subgenres of downtempo. Sometimes the easy listening sub genre lounge is considered to belong to the chill-out collection as well. Chill out as a musical genre or description is synonymous with the more recently popularized terms "smooth electronica" and "soft techno" and is a loose genre of music blurring into several other very distinct styles of electronic and lo-fi music.[1]

Monstercat has not assigned Chillout a color yet, making Chillout songs fall under grey. It is important to note that the genres below usually, but not always, go under Chillout for labeling purposes:

  • Ambient
  • Ambient Breaks
  • Downtempo
  • Liquid Dubstep
  • Trip Hop
  • Future Garage
  • Garage (UK Garage)
  • 2 Step Garage

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