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Breakbeat, more commonly known as "Breaks," is a genre of Electronic music known for its broken-up kick and beat structure. It has a variety of subgenres, and drives influences from many other genres of Electronic music.

Prior to the release of Draper's "Ready For Us", Breaks was represented by the gray color Monstercat used for Electronic. Information included on this page was received from this video.

Breaks Subgenres:[]

  • Ambient Breaks: Ambient, atmosphere driven productions that make use of the breakbeat formula, as well as heavy usage of pads, layering, and vocal chops.
  • Baltimore Club: Typically sitting at 130 BPM, this is an underground subgenre of Breaks that makes use of an 8/4 structure, and derives heavily from Hip Hop and House music. It was popular in clubs across the United States' east coast throughout the 1980s to early 2000s, before becoming a less prominent subgenre.
  • Big Beat: Driving its influences from Funk, Rock, and House music, Big Beat makes use of distorted broken beats, and typically features rap vocals. There is a derivative form known as Funky Breaks, which is Big Beat with funk/acid-driven basslines.
  • Breaks: The blanket genre for Breakbeat which is used to describe any production built around the breakbeat structure.
  • Broken Beat: Influenced by Jazz and Soul/R&B, this genre is well known in the United Kingdom for its popularity in prominent 1990s clubs. Productions in this subgenre typically rely on claps and staggering beats.
  • Electro Breaks: Makes use of electro basslines and synths in a Breakbeat pattern, and can blur the lines between Bass House and Electro House in terms of resemblance.
  • Hybrid Breaks: Breakbeat that combines Hybrid Trap and Breaks influences. It oftentimes includes a Hybrid Trap drop somewhere within its formatting.
  • Industrial Breaks:
  • Jersey Club: One of the most distinct subgenres of Breakbeat, Jersey Club is a subgenre of both Future Bass and Breaks. It is known for its unmistakable beat pattern and faster groove. It can sit anywhere from 130-180 BPM.
  • Neuro Breaks: A subgenre of Breaks that is mainly derived from Neurofunk as it has a vibe related to Neurofunk.
  • Nu-Skool Breaks: A broader style of Breakbeat that typically mixes more complexity into its beat structure. It is also known for its mixing of other genres such as Drum & Bass, Dubstep, R&B, and more, into its songs.
  • Progressive Breaks: Like Progressive House and Progressive Trance, Progressive Breaks relies heavy on progression and atmosphere, and typically has sound design derivative of Progressive House, Progressive Trance, or Techno. It died out for awhile, but has been attempting to make a resurgence with producers such as Raito, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Aeron Aether, and Bluum producing it regularly.
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