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"Back and Forth" is a Glitch Hop song by Haywyre. It was released via Monstercat on September 6, 2013, and is included as the fourth track on Monstercat 015 - Outlook.


  • This song, along with Synergy, were part of a project called "A Song Per Week".
  • As of April 2021, the release has since been removed from the label for unknown reasons, alongside Synergy, Insight and Two Fold Pt. 1. On Spotify, it now counts as a separate release, with a new cover art which is different from the older, generic cover art, and being released independently by Haywyre instead of through the label.

[ vte ] Haywyre (Discography)
July 29, 2013 Synergy
September 6, 2013 Back and Forth
March 10, 2014 The Schism
March 30, 2014 DichotomyDoppelgängerPermutatePrologueSculptedTimeVoice of Reason
August 4, 2014 Everchanging
January 23, 2015 Insight
December 15, 2015 Endlessly
February 1, 2016 Do You Don't You
February 8, 2016 I Am MeI Am YouImpulseMemoryMomentRestraintTransient
January 29, 2014 Peacock
Long Plays
March 31, 2014 Two Fold Pt. 1
February 8, 2016 Two Fold Pt. 2
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