Aiwa is the fourth song by Israeli-American producing duo, RIOT, on Monstercat. It was released on July 9, 2018 under the Uncaged label and is featured as the sixteenth track on the Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5 compilation.

Trivia Edit

  • The word 'Aiwa' in Arabic means 'Yes'.
  • The conversations in the intro and outro of this song are spoken in the Hebrew language.
    • This is also the first song on Monstercat that have the entire lyrics spoken in another language besides English.

Conversation (With Hebrew and English) Edit


[Television turns onTV: Kvish mispar sesh lebaqa amoos meh... (Route 6 South is congested from Baq'a to...)

[Turns to next channelTeen: Ma zeh..? (What is this..?)

[Turns to next channelTV: Hamashber bakoalitzia... (The crisis in the coalition...)

[Turns to next channelTeen: Aiwa...

TV: ...Aerobi, pilates- (Aerobic, pilates-)

[Turns to next channel in which RIOT's Aiwa turns on; Teen gasps in excitementTeen: Yes, RIOT!

[Door bangingDad: Gal! Shtem esreh baliylah! Techabeh et harash hazeh! (Gal! It's 12 at night! Turn it off!)

Teen: Aval lama?! Ze mizrahit!!! (But why?! It's middle eastern!!!)

Dad: Lo meanyen oti! Techabeh et zeh! (I don't care! Turn it off!)

Teen: Lo rotze! (I don't want to!)

[Door banging, trying to unlock the door]

Dad: Hayeled Sheli Ars!! (My kid is an ass!!)


Teen: No! No! No! No! Abba! Abba! (No! No! No! No! Dad! Dad!)

[The dad breaks the television in anger.]

Dad: Shum mizrahit lo teiyeh po! (No Middle Eastern (music) will be here!)

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