After Hours EP is an extended play by Terry Zhong. It was released on February 23, 2021 with an upload of Goodnight Stranger (featuring 习谱予 (Cheryl Xi)), which was featured on Monstercat Instinct Vol. 7.

This album is considered explicit.


No. Track Length Genre(s) Vocalist
1. Home Alright 3:01 Chill Trap | Synthpop Jack Newsome
2. Night Cap 3:34 Future Bass | Breaks | Electropop Will Jay
3. City Love 3:02 Synthpop LIJIN
4. Come Down 3:23 Future Trap WYATT
5. Goodnight Stranger 3:26 Future Trap | Breaks | Electropop 习谱予 (Cheryl Xi)


  • This EP has the first song featuring Chinese lyrics on a Monstercat release, being Goodnight Stranger.
  • This is the latest first EP of the year since 2012, which also means that there is no EP released in January 2021.
  • On March 5, 2021, a music concert collabed with MASTER took place. It was held to celebrate the release of the EP, while in the concert Terry Zhong and his friends sang all five songs in the EP that are acoustic.
    • In the concert, 黎子明Zimimg Li covered Home Alright, Yucef covered Night Cap, 莉莉童Lijin sang City Love, Terry Zhong covered Come Down, 钱润玉Runyu Qian covered Goodnight Stranger.
    • All the performances had 兰睿琪Ruiqi Lan playing drum kits and 林建丞Jiancheng Lin playing bass guitar.
    • The whole record about the concert is available via NetEase Cloud Music on March 17, 2021.
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January 17, 2020 Home Alright
March 10, 2020 Night Cap
February 23, 2021 City LoveCome DownGoodnight Stranger
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February 23, 2021 After Hours EP
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