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2020 is the 9th year for the Canadian music label, Monstercat. Below is the list of events that happened during the year.

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NOTES[edit | edit source]

  • Bold means the artist appeared 2 or more times during the year.
  • This single list is based on the YouTube releases of only singles on both the Uncaged and Instinct channels.

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Events & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bittersweet breaks the trend of having Hard Dance becoming the first genre on the very first single of the year since 2015.
    • This time, Dubstep becomes the first genre of the year, an occurrence that happened in 2014 with Transformations.
  • Infected Mushroom is the second artist to release two LPs on Monstercat (Haywyre being the first).
  • Around March 20th, it was planned to have another Instinct release for that day, but according to Going Quantum, "A bunch of things all got messed up with artists tour plans," forcing them to change release dates for some songs (Scared and Revenger had their catalog numbers altered). They decided to "spotlight another one of our favourite tracks off of the Koven album," which was Stars, for the YouTube release. [1]
  • Something went wrong when the release on November 3rd, which is expected to be an Instinct release, was empty, leading to the catalog number jump from MCS1084(That's On You) to MCS1086(Omega).

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