2019 is the 8th year for the Canadian music label, Monstercat. Below is the list of events that have happened during the start and end of this year.

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  • Bold means the artist appeared 2 or more times.
  • Italic means this artist only appeared once and may not rejoin the roster afterwards. In other words, they only made a one-off appearance.
    • Italics are removed if an artist returns at a future year.
    • Italics become used after 8 months (or 1+ year) if they made a single appearance after that.
  • This single list is based on the YouTube releases of only singles on both the Uncaged and Instinct channels.








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  • SNEEK's remix of Wobble and Topi's remix of Wobble were both supposed to be released on February 27, 2019, as a remix package for the song. However, there were complaints from Crankdat's management team that it would interfere with Crankdat's new extended play. The official release of these remixes was cancelled, and both were subsequently self-released.

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  • EMAN8 | October 15 | Instinct | formerly known as Brandyn Burnette

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Events & Trivia

  • The Government becomes the 5th Hard Dance track to be released at the very start of the year, with it being the fourth Stonebank track to do this.
  • Fences and Feels Like had their cover art revealed from Vicetone's tweet on their 2018 End of the Year mix. The cover art for Fences was revealed on the bottom right corner of the zero in 2018 while the cover art for Feels Like was just the art itself on the two.
  • Not IRL is the first Uncaged single to be classified by Monstercat themselves as Future Bass.
  • According to Duumu, Wash Away's art got leaked before the release date.
  • HALIENE's acoustic version of Saving Light was released exactly 2 years after the original was released.
  • One Less Star became the 800th catalogued single released on Monstercat.
  • Fizzy Lifting Drink is now the shortest song on Monstercat (not including intros, outros or interludes), beating Throttle's French Kiss.
  • Gunslinga was in production for 6 years. It was initially a remix of KRS-One's Sound of the Police, but was replaced with MC Mota's vocals after copyright issues arose.
  • Wobble (SNEEK Remix) and Wobble (Topi Remix) were supposed to be released on the label on February 27, but Crankdat's management team thought it would distract everyone from his debut EP on Kayzo's label Welcome Records; they were instead self-released.
  • For Braken's return after 4 years, Wherever You Go, Monstercat added on their website an Easter egg where 26 seconds of the song can be heard. The easter egg is now defunct.
  • you_rise & the_darkness had issues on Google Play on the formatting on the song names. It wouldn't be accepted, so the names were changed to include capitalization and the removal of the underscore. The arts remain the same, however.
    • The same issue recurred with the remaining tracks on We Are Dust.
  • Paul Aiden helped write the track Solace as credited by Laura Brehm's tweet.
  • Three tracks on the A Dark Machine LP, A Dark Machine, Bleed Black, and Underloved, were released under Warner Music before signing to Monstercat to include in the Monstercat-released LP.
  • Throttle holds the Monstercat record for the longest time span between releases. (6+ years)[2]
  • From July 29 to August 2, it was Mike Darlington's birthday week and he "can do anything" he wants.
    • He first changed the release calendar to where he says it's "gone". This made Can We Be Free to become released on Wednesday on Instinct and Let It Go become released on Friday on Uncaged, two days that differentiate the current release schedule on both brands.
  • Playing with the Boys is the first MCRLS cataloged single.
  • Test Me was supposed to be released on Monstercat after rumors 2 years ago. This is confirmed to be true when it was included on Slushii's EP, Watch Yo Back, effectively making Test Me released on Monstercat.
  • The Where U Are EP Mix is the first time since the Mirai Sekai Continuous Mix that Monstercat uploads an EP Mix containing all of the tracks on the EP.
  • The Dogma Resistance LP Mix is the first time that Monstercat uploads an LP Mix containing all of the tracks on the LP.
  • The No Sleep / Hyperventilate EP is the first since the Ison / Pavonine EP to have an EP named after the two songs included.


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