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1000 Cuts is a song by KUURO & Clockvice. It was released on October 22, 2018 and is Clockvice's debut on the label and KUURO's twelfth release on the label. It was released under the Uncaged label and is featured as the thirty-third track on the Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6 compilation.


  • This is KUURO's first collaboration.
  • The song is KUURO's first attempt at making Jersey Club.
  • The name "1000 Cuts" may refer to Lingchi, a form of torture and execution formerly used in China. In this method of execution, a condemned prisoner was slowly sliced 1,000 times until they died. Sometimes, the prisoner was slit only a few dozen times, but there have been records of over 3,000 incisions.
  • The words portrayed on the knives are Katakanas, however, the one right next to him is not a Katakana "オ", but a chinese letter "才" which has completely different meaning. This seems to be a simple typo.
  • This song is considered explicit.
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